We make future friendly designs

We are mono voce, a design studio that makes future friendly designs. We create timeless corporate identities, beautiful prints and websites that work great on all devices, from the phone in your hand to the computer on your desk.

We have a deep passion for design and a sharp focus on how we can contribute to make your business a success.

We would love to work with you

Yes, you can hire us for your next project. Give us a call on +45 3119 2332 or just fill in this form and we will contact you.

What we have done before


Web design, Graphic Design

EMS2016 & EMS2017

Reponsive web design, Identity, Print, Coding, Concept Development, Graphic Design


Reponsive web design, Identity, Coding, Graphic Design

Monroe Dacapo

Reponsive web design, Identity, Coding, Graphic Design


Reponsive web design, Coding, Graphic Design

Stem Henrik Appel

Reponsive web design, Coding, Concept Development